Welcome to Collinge & Co

Mike and Nina Collinge, of Collinge & Co Funeral Directors believe, as life is valuable, so are the funeral rites that mark its end. A funeral happens once, but is remembered for a lifetime. Our job is to listen to you, find out what you would like done, and put that plan in action. You don’t have to worry about the details. We are the event planners; we ensure that everything happens the way you would like it to.

We get that you only have one chance to plan a good funeral. As with any major life event, a lot of decisions have to be made. The sad part is that it’s often done at a time of great stress, at the worst time of your life. That’s why you call us. It matters a lot to us that your loved one’s services reflect the person they were. A good funeral touches everyone with the spirit and memory of the deceased. It brings closure to the survivors, who can then begin reconciling to a new life without the deceased.

A good funeral is the result of good planning done at the funeral arrangement. It starts with us coming to the family’s home and helping the family create a vision of how they wish to celebrate the life of the deceased. Together we put the details together to create an event that touches everyone with the memory and spirit of the deceased. With compassion, patience and gentle questioning, we guide our families in making the many required decisions. We do the legwork that relieves our families from the burden of worrying about the details.

Video Tributes, music selection, picture display. These are all important elements of a good funeral, as they bring the memory of the deceased alive. Everyone gets to know the person’s entire lifespan, what they looked like as a baby, a teen-ager, young married, all the way to the end of their life. Families can give one another great support when they are gathering the photographs. Memorabilia, such as framed pictures, albums, awards, special clothing, hobby collection, are also good things to bring to display.

Funeral services, regardless where they are held, provide a setting for words to be spoken, songs sung, music played, prayers recited, special foods enjoyed, as everyone says good-bye to the deceased in their own unique way. In her work with terminal patients, author Ann Bastianelli learned that the dying expected their funerals to reflect the way they lived, to provide a sense of peace, and motivate others to celebrate their own lives.

Why have funeral services, anyway?

Funeral services provide a great benefit to the survivors. Families and friends come together to remember the deceased and celebrate their life. Funeral services are also family reunions where memories are shared, comfort is given and the grieving can begin the road to adjusting to a new life without the deceased. A funeral is a major life event like a wedding. Both are rites of passage, but a funeral is one where family and friends gather to celebrate the life and memory of the deceased. Both require good planning and good decisions.

Unfortunately, the funeral decisions are usually made when everyone is in shock and grief, which we understand. We will work at your pace to ensure you understand all your options. As funeral planners, we will suggest ideas for you to consider, and help you through the many decisions that need to be made. We will take the burden of detail off of you, so you can spend time with your family.