Working Through Grief

Throughout our lives we are all faced with many challenges, one of which is death, the loss of a loved one. Losing someone we love is devastating, and we are left to bear the weight of intense emotions and stress on our bodies.

During this difficult time, a mixture of feelings and emotions can surround us, and can also be accompanied by some physical reactions, all of which can be overwhelming to deal with by ourselves. Support is often found in our family and friends, but there are times when our family members are dealing with their own grief, or desperately want to help us, but are not equipped to do so.

Collinge & Co has partnered with Josanne Adam a Registered Trauma and Bereavement Counsellor, who offers this much needed support in a safe, nurturing space, in order to be heard and to express yourself. The environment and tools are provided to rationalise and examine your thoughts, ultimately strengthening your existing coping mechanisms, so that you are able to face your loss in the best possible way. Although grief is a natural reaction to the loss of a loved one, there is no “normal reaction” for this truly personal experience, every person travels this journey in their own way and we can work together to overcome the challenges that can and will arise.

The sadness of losing someone we love never goes completely away, but should rather impact positively instead of negatively on our existing relationships and, in general, our ability to function. The opportunity to express and understand your emotions is cultivated to help you find purpose and enjoyment in life and relationships going forward with truly positive memories of your loved ones.

Because we at Collinge & Co. understand that grief is a journey, and that a helping hand is sometimes all that is required, we offer our families a complimentary session with Josanne (limited to a one hour session per family). As part of our services, Josanne will give you a courtesy call after the funeral arrangements have been completed, and if you wish to make use of this opportunity, kindly make an appointment with her.